Who are we?

FreeLee is an internet start-up founded by a team of developers and legal executives with over 20 years experience of providing freehold and lease extension valuations. We offer:

What are we for?

With the publication of the Law Commission's report on valuation in enfranchisement, 9 January 2020, leasehold issues have never been more in the news.

The costs of owning leasehold property can be high, but so can the legal and valuation fees involved with buying a freehold or extending a lease.

FreeLee bridges the gap between free, on-line valuation calculators and RICS-regulated surveyor's valuation reports costing from £500-£1,500.

Why use us?

If you require valuation representation at a Tribunal hearing, you likely need a surveyor. For other purposes, our cost-competitive solutions may be just what you're looking for.

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